Nothing Typical

Last December we had to take a band shot for the album being released in February.  We had been putting it off…I’m not quite sure why other than I’m good at it…putting things off that is.

We met one night and had Andrew shoot a few shots.

Band photos are always funny to me because you always have like 4 or 5 guys and they are all frowning with arms crossed and either looking at the camera or off in the distance.  And the picture is taken from below so all you can really see is their chin hairs.

I guess it’s just a sign that musicians take themselves way too seriously.

Even in the classical world you have artist’s pictures where they have this super slim lady with way to much make up applied and tons of teased hair mounted on top of her head with fake sparkles photoshopped into her eyes. Then when you actually see them in concert they look completely different – 20 years older, much fatter and kind of pissed off – to the point where you can’t really identify them on stage.

Not to say that my band is better than any of those because we chose a very typical picture for the back of our album but I did find this photo the other day and it made me laugh.

The band

The band

First of all…Care and I have never taken drugs in our lives…but you wouldn’t know from this photo.

I don’t know who told me my hair was done.

Josh is wearing another bands merchandise.

Both boys look like they might have made a mistake joining the band in the first place.

Care actually looks like the camera is a car charging at her full force.


Certainly nothing typical.

Glad we didn’t pick this one for the album…real glad.

Not so sure the band will be glad I posted it on the web though.

Still….this does not deter me from my life long dream of getting a glamor shot. I just have to grow my hair out a little bit more perm it and get a jean jacket.

In other parts of my world: If I have a kid like this…

Me and Karl...try to find Karl.

Me and Karl...try to find Karl.

I’m not going to get a thing done.


3 responses

  1. I keep planing to one day get a 1950/40’s pinup styled glamor shot, I just can’t bring myself to actually take any steps to accomplish this goal I think I like the idea of it but would hate the results as I would be too self conscious to pull it off with out it looking awkward… So it will probably be some dream that I hold onto for the next thirty years as I let it move comfortably from something I want to do to a fun idea I had and then I can move on with out spending a ton of money to embarrass myself.

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