Belly Dancer

Well…I know people hate me for not taking more belly photos.

I know it.

But it’s harder than you would imagine.

When we first got pregnant I had all these visions of taking a photo every week in the same place with the same clothes on and with the camera always the same distance from my ever expanding frame. You know…true scientific documentation.  Geeky stuff.


That didn’t happen.

Not even close.

Every time we would remember to take a photo I would be in the middle of shoving a hot dog down my face or having not had a shower for days or lounging in a t-shirt that would have fit me when I was 12 but now was just coving my boobs and the top half of my stomach.

Not something you’d want to post on the web.

Not to mention that the first five months of my pregnancy I really just looked like I had one to many the night before.

So this Saturday, at one of my last gigs before Clare (BC), Andrew and I finally remembered to take a photo. I had makeup on, I was all dressed nice and my hair didn’t look like Winston had just coughed it up so we decided then was as good of a time as any.

Now the poor girl doesn’t have to wonder if she was adopted.

37 weeks.

37 weeks.

I like to call that the, “Your mom used to be Johnny Cash before she pushed you out of her” pose.

So that’s it.  Don’t expect me to remember to take one when we are rushing to the hospital too early cause we think that having one contraction means she is coming in twenty minutes.

You can kind of tell I'm pregnant in this picture... kind of.

You can kind of tell I'm pregnant in this picture... kind of.

Seriously though…I’m in the wrong job.  Even if I had a huge pregnant belly that guitar would hide it.  I’m thinking about belly dancing for the next pregnancy.  That way people just know.

“Oh you don’t have to ask if I’m pregnant because I’m shaking it around with jewels all over it.”

Someone literally asked me on Saturday night where I was playing next. Not to blame them but…I just stared with my jaw open and then said, “The hospital” while pointing to my belly.

They still didn’t get it so Care had to explain.

“Oh. Well, she’s having a baby in just a couple weeks. So…she won’t be playing again until January.” she said with a forgiving smile while I tried to push my stomach out further.

Maybe I just need to buy tighter close.

In other parts of my world: I thought I’d clean the entire house today. So I had a cup of coffee, which in the end is just making me shake while not cleaning.


7 responses

  1. Your BC Johnny Cash photo is so stunning — and I love your comment about where you’ll be playing next :). I’ll be praying that these final weeks will go quickly and smoothly for you and Andrew!

  2. I love that belly picture! its great! I really wanted to do the expanding belly sequence with my second (I never even thought of it with my first) but it did not happen…Ah well I am sure it ever growing belly would have just found itself in a external hard drive in a year or two never to be looked at again until my baby turned 16 and I had to reassure myself that this teenager was in fact my child and not some daemon sent to torment me.

  3. haha you are hilarious. i used to be good at belly shots. then i stopped. luckily my mom looks out and tries to remind me. also, you look amazing. like, i don’t understand how anyone wouldn’t be able to tell you were pregnant, but you also don’t have that “i am going to fall over if i don’t have this kid in 5 seconds” look. i apparently am already sporting that look, as several people have asked if im due soon. nope, halfway. (also, the follow-up to that should ALWAYS be something complimentary, NOT “oh, are you having 2?” just stop while you’re ahead, people.)

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