Winston Says: The Whole Time I Was Doing It…

“The whole time I was doing it…I knew you wouldn’t like it.”

He stood like this for 20 minutes. You have to wonder what the house looks like with an expression like that on his face.

He stood like this for 20 minutes. You have to wonder what the house looks like with an expression like that on his face.

I was recently looking on Weimaraner Rescue websites and I found some interesting information.

Winston is not original.

He is completely normally abnormal.

Evidently all the traits that I so loath and love about our dog are actually just part of the breed.

Here I thought he was something…


Here I thought he had…



Someone bred this dog and thought it would be a good trait for them to chew drywall.

Anyway, I read this statement which intrigued me. It said, “Weimaraners must have human contact or they become very destructive.”

Evidently most Weimaraners are rescued not from bad living situations or from abusive families but rather are turned in because the owners didn’t realize what a hassle they would be.

“Oh hi. I love the dog. I’m just returning him because he has eaten every shoe I own and I can’t afford it any more.”

The other evening Andrea and Joe came over with my two nephews.  It was the first time we had Winston around little kids.

He did great.

Didn’t knock anyone over.

Didn’t successfully eat any toys – though he tried.

On meeting Winston Jack said, “Love him.” and gave Winston a big hug.

I know Jack.  I know. I love him too.

Then later on in the evening Joey said to me as Winston blocked his view of the Incredibles, “Aunt Val, could you make you’re dog go away?”

No Joey. Trust me. I’ve tried.

Strange how a dog could make a rational human being experience such a full and opposing range of emotion.

In other parts of my world: Thought you all might enjoy this picture of little Andrew.


n1142629046_291306_5121If I have a kid that looks like that…I’m not going to get a thing done.

Not a thing.


4 responses

  1. I have a cat like that she is really needy, on her terms and if you don’t meet those “needs” like petting when she wants it how she wants it, or her own private litter box not to be shared with the other two, or a “secret” (in the ceiling of the basement behind the washing machine) hiding spot… then she claws the couch and pees on my pile if clean and being folded laundry. But other wise she is wonderful. Sweet, beautiful. She has the softest fur I have ever felt really she does. She was a rescue too but then again we found that its in her breed.

  2. Andrew is adorable! Believe me girl or boy, totally beautiful or just beautiful you won’t get anything done. That was not meant to be a negative comment because you will love all the precious moments with that child ♥

    Winston….it’s the breed Valerie. If I even knew about Rescues back when we had Rahab I wonder if I would have moved in that direction. Gary desperatly wanted another Vizsla but I knew I couldn’t handle them…they are high strun, LARGE lap dogs that need a lot of touch and a lot of exercise. But once she settled down she was amazing. I couldn’t imagine life without her.

    BUT I didn’t have a baby. She was 15 when we had Joel. Don’t be hard on yourself….this is a high maintence dog.

  3. Love the blog entry, the descriptions, the commentary and the pictures of Andrew. I agree with Marilou, admiring your baby is a wonderful, worthy full time job.

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