It Doesn’t Matter If You’re Black Or White

Actually…I guess it does

That is if it pertains to the flavor milkshake you get at your local McDonalds.

I’ve always been a big fan of chocolate milkshakes.

I remember, as a kid, leaning my head back against the passenger seat of the car with my eyes closed and heavy with sickness and my mom pulling up the drive thru to hear, “May I take ya orda?” soaking in apathetic expression through the monitor.

“Yes.” my mom would say confidently.

“Could I have a large milkshake please?”

“Wha flava?”

“Valerie,” she would whisper, “what flavor would you like?”

And here I would pause and consider while the cars behind me piled up and fingers started tapping on steering wheels.  I could never decide. So I’d say the first flavor that came to my head.

I was never dissatisfied.  I was never disappointed. I always got what I expected out of a “Mckie-D’s” milkshake pouring out of that white, yellow and red straw.

And that I suppose is the beauty of fast food. So for years I would do the same thing. After a really bad day or when I wasn’t feeling well I would drive up to “MacDo” and struggle over my choice when really all I wanted was the smooth comforting feeling of miniscule ice pellets sliding down my throat followed by the sweetness of a ton of sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

That is until I met Andrew.

Andrew worked at McDonald’s when he was 14.

He knows all the ins and outs of that place and loves it.

I’m proud to say my hubby worked under the golden arches and made really delicious greasy food for many a humble citizen.


This weekend I mentioned that I wanted a milkshake. When I say mentioned I mean I said it but then I said I didn’t cause I wanted to be healthy but really I didn’t want to be healthy I just wanted a milkshake as fast as possible or else…I just wanted to appear like I had self control.


He said, “What flavor do you want babe? I’ll get it for you.”


“Do you want black and white?!” he said with excitement in his eyes – that Irish twinkle I can’t resist.


So he explained – a milkshake combining the beautiful flavors of vanilla and chocolate.

A racial harmony milkshake.

“Really?! They make that?”

“Yeah. It’s just not on the menu.  You have to ask for it.”

My world is forever changed.

There are a few significant moments in a person’s life.  This is climbing the charts.

Because not only did it sound amazing…





Try it as soon as you can.  There is world peace somewhere in that milkshake.  I know it.

Heck! Let’s patch the ozone hole with black and white milkshakes.

In other parts of my world: Canning tomatoes tomorrow.


4 responses

  1. Can we talk about why I didn’t know this about you? I have the same secret love for Mccy D’s milkshakes. Weird. I’ve always tried to hide it, too. So they come swirled? I’ve got to run. I need one now!

  2. There is no choice for me. Chocolate, all the way. Accept no substitute.
    (but I am glad that you found a perfect combo for you, I myself just can’t stand the taste of vanilla ice cream). I recall the days when you could get a soft serve chocolate cone at McD’s… at some McD’s that is. Now I can only find vanilla. 😦

  3. So very funny Valerie…..even I love McD’s shakes and ice creamcones. Yum now I can order black & white…..I was afraid you would tell a nasty McD story when Andrew worked there….others have told me those nasty sotries and now I have a hard time eating fast foods.

    That was a great laught today….I needed it.

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