Winston Says: Too much Irish Spring

Does someone have a stomach ache from being a big weird?

Does someone have a stomach ache from being a big weirdo?

I like Irish Spring.

I don’t know.

It’s a preference thing I suppose – the smell, the feeling, everything. I even like the color.

Recently I opened a new package and put it on the sink while I threw out the box and did some other random tidyings in the bathroom before placing it in it’s proper place in the shower.

While I was working Winston must have snuck in because when I turned around there he was licking the bar of soap as if it were a rapidly melting ice cream cone.

I quickly scolded him and snatched the bar away to gently put it out of reach.

I thought that was the end.

I was wrong.

Of course.

For the last week I have woken up to the entire contents of the bathroom trash being emptied throughout the house and big paw prints in the bathtub. (It’s wonderful to start the morning off swearing.)

After cleaning everything up and giving Winston the stink eye I will find the wee box of Irish Spring sitting in front of him – slightly worse for wear and half the size it had been the day before.

My question is:


What’s the fascination?

Did he honestly taste it and think that was good?!

Is that really so much better than the dog food we give you every day?

I guess it’s not all bad.

At least his poops are cleaner. Heck! If he eats enough he might be a nice bubble machine for Clare when she gets here.

In other parts of my world: New sheets last night…best night sleep EVER!


3 responses

  1. Well, that is a dog with a keen sense of smell 🙂 Most bird dogs are like that. I wonder why he likes the Irish Springs soap…..that’s interesting.

    Maybe wash a doggie blanket in that soap and the smell will lure him to sleep at night.

    Boy, he likes to roam the house when you guys are in bed….he is funny

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