It’s All In The Cup

No person can write without warm beverages.



Hot cocoa.

I’m sorry if you’re a wonderful writer and you happen to only like cold beverages but have you tried hot? Cause I can guarantee that you will write better if you do.

I’m serious.

As an artist and a writer and musician I can’t honestly imagine my creative process without hot tea or coffee.

There is something about the heat of the liquid, the aroma and the feeling of your hands around a warm vessel that allows the artist to enter into the creative space.

I remember I used to have frequent breakdowns in high school over assignments and so on after spending an entire day running and doing and achieving what I could.  I also remember my mom making me a nice hot cup of tea and suddenly the world was better and more manageable.

I remember making a pot of tea and sitting down and having a song come to me as I drank my way through to the bottom.  I remember how well I slept after that.

I remember being pepped up on too much espresso and discovering some of the best lines for my music between making lattes.100_1804I suppose there is just something so unnecessary and therefore essential about having a hot drink.

No one NEEDs something warm.

You just need something to quench your thirst like regular old water.

But to heat it up and just sip…that is extravagant!

Kind of similar to music.

Music…which we don’t need.

But…we do because it isn’t necessary.

Do you get what I’m saying?

We need things in our lives that are useful because they are completely and entirely useless.

Like flowers – what purpose do they serve but to be beautiful?

So in this way I feel that this sacred hot drink ritual beckons me into a space where I can write and create and make something that is essential because it has no utilitarian purpose – only beauty.

In other parts of my world:  Clare kicked so hard the other night that she cracked my back. It actually felt kind of good.  My back feels great.


5 responses

  1. Those are some wonderful words Val. So true about something warm to bring us such great joy…and as you countered it with music…beautifully put! I can say that your music brings a great joy as I listen to it, as all music goes, but it makes it that more special that I know the one on the other end singing! Keep up the amazing thoughts and inspirations for all to reflect on!

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