Yeah I’m A Show Girl Now

Andrew loves cars.

Loves them.

I remember the first time I realized this.  We were walking and he stopped dead in his tracks and watched something go by.  I thought he had seen a nice rack or something like that and I realized that he had…just on a passing car and not some chick. (goodness knows I have the perfect boobs anyway. right?)

I come from a family of drive-em-til-they-die car enthusiasts.  We buy nice practical cars that blend in and disappear and we use them until they literally fall apart in our drive way. Nothing fancy…just something to get us around.

I’ve seen tears over the passing of certain cars that even a junk yard couldn’t love.

But Andrew’s family fixes up old cars to look brand new and drive them in period movies.  They buy the coolest new car out there and when it’s time to buy a new one…they do.  No drama.

They are true appreciators of the automobile and all its beauty and complexity. Even his mom has been asked for car repair advice.

So this weekend Andrew and I went up north to visit some friends in PA.

We had anticipated a relaxing weekend that we were both calling “vacation” (that’s another funny story). And we definitely got it.

What I didn’t expect was that I would learn so much.

Dustin and Sarah, our friends, ended up taking us to a car show Saturday afternoon.  I had no idea what I was getting into only assumed that there would be a large amount of cars there and Andrew’s attention would be occupied for at least an hour while I wandered around trying to look like I knew what I was doing there.

This was my favorite.

This was my favorite. A sweet little guy I like to call Ferrari. He's my boyfriend.

To my surprise, it was one of the most enjoyable experiences.  Hundreds of really fancy cars screeched into the King of Prussia Mall parking lot  and dumped even more car lovers out of their doors ready to enjoy the spectacle.

The people with really nice cars parked closest to the middle while the people with adequate cars park a little further out and the corollas of the show park as far away as possible as to not be noticed. Every car was waxed and cleaned to blind you as you passed.  I wanted to ask a few guys how they did it so I could repeat the recipe on my kitchen floor.

Guys walked around with their hands in their pockets trying to appear as though they knew more than I did as they glanced under popped hoods. Teenage boys raced from car to car taking photos on their cellphones to send to their friends who were stuck at work. Girls walked around with cut offs – pockets hanging neatly below the line of their homemade shorts.

I can safely say I was the only pregnant chick there.

Feeling out of place I leaned in close to Andrew and asked, “What am I supposed to be looking for?”

This was the cool car of the day

This was the cool car of the day - an entirely custom built engine.

He said, “Ok some of these guys just have nice cars.  They by something basic off the lot that costs a lot of money but it’s nothing you can’t see in a BMW dealership. The really cool stuff is the custom work.  Those are the people that really care about their cars.  Those are the unique cars. One of a kind.  Those are the ones you should look at.”

He pointed out all the amazing alterations people had done to their engines to make them faster, louder and just way sexier.

At the end of the car show some kid yelled through a bullhorn and every car in the parking lot followed – all of them revving and pumping their engines as they sped to the nearest brewery to mingle and gawk some more.

Me posing. Andrew told me to stick my butt out more.

Me posing. Andrew told me to stick my butt out more.

It was definitely a cultural experience though I feel I will have to fix me some cut offs if I want to fit in next time.

In other parts of my world: Our expected savior, the electric shock collar, has a dead battery.  Seems like we’ll be dealing with Winston’s night barks a little while longer.


6 responses

  1. Yes, that was a good funny story 🙂 So you got a collar for Winston. You will have to tell me if it works. I’m glad you had a nice vacation weekened.

  2. I know what you mean about enjoying a car show. I once went up to a car show, maybe in Chicago, I don’t remember. Anyway, we had so much fun looking at all the different companies and their various selling points. I am glad you had fun 🙂

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