Land Of No Shirts: Part 2

It doesn’t matter if you’re good at finding deals.

I myself am terrible.

I will be telling the story of a recent purchase to my sister-in-law Andrea who will then ask how little I paid for it.  I always respond, “Not that much.” knowing I paid full price to which she might respond with something like, “I wouldn’t pay more than 10 for that.” or “I found one of those just the other day on freecycle.”

I’m the kind of person who pays full price for everything because I don’t look until I’m desperate.  Seriously.  I don’t look until I have nothing to wear or no food or I’ve lost all my shoes.

There are different techniques for shopping but my technique is one that doesn’t often put me in a better financial situation.

YET!…I still find deals in Pasadena.

Even I, the worst shopper in the world, can find a good deal in the land where men don’t wear shirts.

This is the second find.

This is the second find.

Here you go. A dresser a little worse for wear.  This was actually sitting outside the junk shop I found it at with tons of weather damage – heat, rain and sun.

We (my mom and I) decided to buy it anyway because it was a good price for even that and then found out there was a mirror that came with it! Whoohoo!

What am I supposed to do?

What am I supposed to do?

The next step was to convince Andrew to give it some love.  He thought he was going to spend the Saturday taking pictures.  (big smile) Sorry. (kissy face)

Well he did decide to help and basically lightly sanded the whole dresser and finished it with a coat of oil.

It seriously looks brand new.  He did this in an hour.


I can’t successfully brush my hair in an hour.

Here is the finished product!

Here is the finished product!

I just think it’s lovely.  It has mirrored venires on the front, which none of us noticed until it was finished.  Now all we need is a changing pad and a smelly baby.

In other parts of my world: I forgot to tell my doctor that I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions for a week and a half.  But my platelets are up which means I won’t die after childbirth and I can have as many epidurals as I want…which I don’t.


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  1. Its so pretty I love the feet. I think I am going to have to take you and your mom shopping seriously! I might actually find what I want. (which right now is a small desk and chair, a girly dresser with easy to open drawers, some bunk/loft beds, and dining room chairs if you happen to see some good ones 🙂

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