Ankle Weights

I remember the day my nephew Joey was born.  It is, strangely, one of the clearest in my memory.  

I was sitting in my stuffy, padded cubicle when my little verizon flip phone rang and echoed through the office corridor with the news that Andrea and Joe were going to the hospital.

I shivered with the excitement  and anticipation of meeting a new person – someone the world did not know yet.

I watched the clock the rest of the day loosely holding a pen in my hand to appear busy.

I sprinted to the Light Rail at the end of the street.  

I didn’t read on the train ride or observe the usual citizens of the Baltimore Public Transport System but rather sat staring anxiously out the window squinting and almost willing myself to go faster.

I ran to my car.

I sped down 97, swearing at drivers as I went, who were obviously completely unaware that I NEEDED to get to the hospital as soon as possible and couldn’t wait for them to merge safely.

He was the first and we had waited 9 months and 4 days for him to arrive – every day looking forward to the beginning of the long and beautiful journey of knowing this brand new individual.


Grannie and Joey last week.

Grannie and Joey last week.



And he was different than I expected…better. I mean…how could I have known. I had only dreamed of what he would be like.

And he is one of the greatest joys of my life.

He is outrageous.

He is hilarious.

I think he might even be a democrat. 

Now the same thing happens to me again. I find myself wistfully losing track of time and dreaming of this living but unknown person.  My swollen ankles and labored breath only signify the deeper truth that I so desperately want to know my little girl and to see her not as a massive moving blog in my stomach but as a nose and eyes and a heart with likes and dislikes. 

The weight of my desire only intensifies at we count down the days. The waiting only adds more pounds (literally and figuratively).  And my soul is strengthened by the approaching birth of my little one.


In other parts of my world: I took a blissfully cold bath last night and Andrew hung a bucket to catch the drips from the pipes that were leaking into the basement. We need a new tub.


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  1. Oh my gosh, you have super good memory about the 4 days of lateness! thanks so much for reminding me how funny and unique each child is! I am so excited to meet my (third) little neice. So far being an aunt is one of my favorite rolls in life! I am so glad my family is all nearby so I can see them all and get to know them. We needed another girl in this Nebbia family! Bust out the baby dolls and tea party sets! I heard GI Joe likes tea.

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