What Idiot?!

What idiot makes something like this?



Oh…I’m sorry.  Maybe that was you.

Maybe you thought to yourself that you would make a plate with a creepy picture of two dutch people kissing in the middle of a field.

Maybe you thought you would paint a picture to remind yourself of how you spent your summers as a teenager…in Holand…

Maybe you thought it would be a wonderful anniversary present for your dutch parents, who will now worry about what else you saw them doing in the field.

Maybe you just love dutch people kissing.

I don’t know

But if you made this plate…and I say if with squinty judgmental eyes…and you wanted to sell it would you really charge 55 dollars?




In other parts of my world: Feet swelling. feeeeeet sSSSSWEEEEEEEELLLling.


3 responses

  1. Wow… I mean just wow. Really? Maybe its an early piece from some well known and loved plate artist that is only known within the dark and dangerous world of plate collecting and the fact that you did not recognize their work proves that you are an outsider to be regarded with grave and evil suspicion?

  2. ewey wow.

    I was hoping this was a wedding gift. do you remember the plates we got? tres ridiculous. but also a great contender for the ever popular dinner party game/conversation, “Who recieved the strangest wedding gift?”

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