Framing and Saving

I have some new nursery finds for you.

I had this brilliant idea of getting really quirky frames from antique stores for really cheap and painting them for Clare’s room.

Of course I didn’t actually think that they might be popular or expensive. They are both.

So of course, as seems to be the case with me, it took me longer to find the frames that to realize I was pregnant.

But alas…those who persevere prevail and I found inexpensive old quirky frames.

This is the line up.

Larry, Mo and Curly...
Larry, Mo and Curly… not necessarily in that order.

I love the super creepy painting of Mary in the first one.  I’m going to keep that in my basement so my kids can discover it and freak out.

“Mom’s a papist!”

Maybe I’ll draw a fake treasure map on the back.  Would that be mean?

The second is ridiculous – old frame with semi-old fabric matt with totally fake painting.  The painting was printed and then someone put some fake brush strokes on top to make it seem real.  The world is just full of cheats.  Full I tell you!

BLEH! Oh someone called and said they wanted Bob Ross’ “happy trees” back.

The third is one I found in my parent’s basement raid…do you think they know I took it?

The next step was to paint the frames with a uniform base so that everything looked the same…sort of.

I used a basic flat white paint. that's more like it. that's more like it.

Finally I used gold spray paint and a sponge brush to gently cover the peaks with an accent.  I promise I did so outside in a well ventilated area.

These are the finished products…well…almost finished. I still have yet to put things in them.

I'm realizing that Clare may think she is royalty when she gets here. Oops.

I'm realizing that Clare may think she is royalty when she gets here. Oops.

If you’d like to copy I’d be totally flattered but make sure you go to the antique store of Ridgley Ave in Annapolis – Antiques to Go I believe is the name.

In other parts of my world: Winston found one of my yogurt cups this weekend in the trash. He must have licked out the remaining contents because Andrew said, while innocently shaving his head, that Winston walked into the bathroom, stood at the door and made this sound: “bleh. Bleh. BLEHHHHHHH!” and threw up everything in his stomach right by Andrew’s feet.  He’s been moping all day. Poor dog. Yogurt makes me feel that way sometimes too.


8 responses

  1. Have you ever heard of Crumpton ( Its a giant outdoor auction thats held every Wednesday (from about 9 am until everything is gone, I always tried to get there at about 10 or 11) They do large lots and there is a five and ten dollar field of goodies just waiting to be remade! You can also get a lot of things for free that people just leave there. Almost everything in my apartment is a repurposed piece and I wouldn’t have it any other way. They even have an amish market in case you get hot and need some lemonade or a pretzel! Anyhow, check it out, it’s infinitely cheaper than Annapolis area antique stores and I find it rather satisfying to dig around and come up with forgotten treasure

  2. I am so jealous of your ability to look at junk and see potential treasure in it and then carry that potential on to completion. When I look at junk, I see junk. And when I look at treasure, I see “wish I had the skill to pull that off”
    Sweet Clare is going to have one darling nursery to come home to!

  3. i love these. i loved so much about this post- the creepy mary painting for your kids to one day find, the happy trees…. and i am pretty sure i will attempt to copy this artistic genius of yours.

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