No Tampons

I’m sorry. I know this is a gross subject.  I’m not talking about the actual tampons but more so about bathrooms and the signs in the bathrooms.

I totally understand why public restrooms have no tampons signs in them. I fully consent to this practice.

This is really a necessity and I’m grateful for the signs.  I’m grateful for the reminder.  I’m glad that someone is putting there foot down!…in a really passive aggressive sort of way.

It gives you something to think about on those long road trips through Ohio.  It makes you consider what you can do to prevent toilet clogging. Only you can.

So while Andrew and I were at a wedding this weekend I saw one sign that I absolutely loved and had to share.

Please do no flush tampons.

Please do no flush tampons.

This has obviously be tamponed…I mean tampered with so first I had to figure out what it used to say.

I think the 5th word is “inventive” but I have no idea how that makes any sense. I’d never actually heard that word used before let alone in a public ca mode. You’re plumbing is not creative? Ok…lame but a little funny. I probably would have a sign like that in my bathroom…that only I found funny and… inventive.


“PLEASE DO NO FLUSH TAMPONS”. Finally someone who shares my problem with spelling. I would have sent that to print as well brother.

and finally…

“Thanr you.”

“You’re welcore.”

The small things in life people…the small things.

In other news: I had the second uncontrollable crying fit of my pregnancy today. Yay! I like cry, sort of. It makes your hair grow.


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  1. Aww, those crying fits…I had my first episode of uncontrollable sobbing in the airport the other day on our way home from Florida. It was awful. I am hoping we don’t repeat it too many more times, but I’m sure we will. Missed you today! Hope we can find a time next week 🙂

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