Brackish Living

I’ve decided that it’s time.  It’s time to highlight some blogs.

I love blogs.  Blogs are my guilty pleasure.  I read them and I love them. I read them and I comment.  I read them and I think…I want to be that blog.

My name is Valerie and I blog stalk.

So I’ve decided to post about some of my favorite blogs to read.

Today is the first.

Today I want to talk about my friend Tara.

Tara and her husband Ben at my wedding in October of last year. I swear their faces look like this all the time.

Tara and her husband Ben at my wedding in October of last year. I swear their faces look like this all the time.

She has a lovely blog called Brackish Living that speaks to the life she lives deep down in what I call “South County”.

Tara lives on a Peninsula that juts out into the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.  There she works tirelessly at a camp – the place where I first met Tara years ago.

Let me tell you a little bit about it.

It was my first summer as a counsellor. I was nervous and unprepared for the summer ahead but seeing as I had found no other jobs after investing in a four year music degree from Calvin College….I took it regardless of my qualifications.

I came into that summer not expecting to make any friends.  I had cut my hair as short as possible in order not to keep guys at bay (not sure I needed that) and to keep potential friend seekers at a distance.  I had a ton of friends already.  I didn’t need any more especially camp friends – cause that’s super dorky.

I kept picturing all these really smiley people with too much energy coming up to me and force feeding me Pixie Sticks and soda.

But it was inevitable. Tara and I were fast friends. Under the hot sun and among the smiling faces of the children our hearts were bonded….by what, I don’t know exactly.

She is one of those people who you can talk to no matter how long of a time you’ve been apart.  She is one of those people that I trust implicitly.

I sang at her wedding.  She graciously came to mine.  I remember telling her that I was pregnant by accident on day while trying to keep down my lunch.  She was excited for me even though I had a terrible attitude.

But all these things are not reasons why I read Tara’s blog.

It’s entertaining.  It’s delightful.  She spells very well, which I envy.

She has a personal, honest and poetic way

of depicting her beautiful life.

So read Brackish Living.  You’ll love it.


3 responses

  1. valerie. you’re the nicest. really.
    i am so thankful that i forced you to befriend me that summer, even though you tried to ward off friends. you are very special to me.

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