Something New and Blue

I wanted to write a post highlighting this wonderful object I found at a local store not only because I love the little mobile for Clare’s room but I found it at the most delightful place ever.

Isn't it just charming?

Isn't it just charming?

Months ago, when Andrew and I moved into our little home in Woodlawn, we were told by our realistate agent about this sweet little store up the street called The Calico Cat. She said they probably didn’t make enough money to afford the rent but that they had been open for 40 some odd years.

Andrew and I don’t like cats.

Still, I decided that I would stop by and check it out.

Baby view.  Looks kinda like blue bats not that I think about it. Oh well.  At least it's not a stuffed animal's butt.

Baby's view. Looks kinda like blue bats now that I think about it. Oh well. At least it's not a stuffed animal's butt.

I walked in and everything was like jewels for the eyes.  Seriously! I walked around the store with my mouth open, wide open.  While I was gauking an old german woman came up to me and started talking to me.  She was so charming I could hardly stand it.  She told me about how much I would love the neighborhood and how much she and her husband had loved it.  It turns out that they actually live right up the street from us.

The thing that impressed me about the store was that 98 percent of their merchandise was handmade.

What?!  This never happens.  No…you just don’t find that anywhere anymore.  No. Tons of independent artists display their works and sell them at this store.  You wouldn’t believe the beautiful things you can find there.

The first day I went in I spotted this mobile with cute little blue birds – Clare was barely 3 months old. I decided that though I wanted to take it home that day that I would wait until I found out the gender. I didn’t care if the baby turned out to be a boy or a girl…I was going to buy that mobile anyway.

Up close.

Up close.

So the day I found out I was having a Clare and not a Clarence I stomped over to The Calico Cat and picked up the mobile.  My mom came with me and we browsed the store, checking out all the lovely items they had for sale.

But I started to feel strange.  My stomach hurt. I felt tight. I felt REALLY hot!

The old german woman came up and started some small talk with my mother and I but I wasn’t doing to well. After minutes of laboring I asked her if I could sit down.

Immediately she found me a chair and an ice cold cup of water.  Then she forced me to eat some of her apple. She said, “Don’t worry.  It’s clean.”

I couldn’t believe someone would be so considerate of me – a stranger.

Later a friend went to the store and called it, “The best shop in America”. I couldn’t agree more.  Everyone should visit. Everyone.  And it’s a great excuse to visit yours truly.  Just let me know you’re stopping by.  I’ll have some tea ready for you after you browse.

In other news: I used a power drill today. All….by….my….lonesome.


4 responses

  1. You could spell Clare “Claire.” OR you could spell Clare “Elise.” The e, l, i, s, and e are silent, and it’s pronounced Clare.

  2. awwww. I love the name Clare. (my middle name, and i’ve always thought about switching) I like that spelling too, simple and sweet. And i love the bird mobile and your inspiration nursery pic. And i love “Smell of Cotton”! I wish you’d play it the older way, with more simple guitar. It was soft and musy…

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