These year’s trip to Cornerstone was huge success…at least I would say so.

We drove 12 hours to a small town called Champaign, IL .

We successfully booked a hotel room that was not disgusting.

We woke up the next morning.

We drove another 3 hours to Bushnell, IL.

We successfully convinced the people at the gate that we were a band.

We checked into the festival.

We didn’t get slimed by any weirdos or run any rowdy teenagers over with our cars.

We played a show – a good show.

We didn’t over heat.

We sold some cds.

We drove another three hours to Chicago to stay at a friend’s parent’s house.

We hung out with Andrew’s brother and sister-in-law, who we haven’t seen since our wedding.

We woke up the next morning and left by 8!

We drove 12 hours back without crashing, dying, defecating in the car, running out of gas or killing each other.


I love this picture.  Care looks beautiful no matter what she's doing.

I love this picture. Care looks beautiful no matter what she's doing.

This is a great picture of Josh.

This is a great picture of Josh.



There are no pictures of Andrew and Eric because they were working the whole time.  They drove almost the entire way and took pictures and sold merch and kept us generally sane and well fed.

Some of my favorite moments of the trip:

“I love you because love is good.” A song lyric made up by Tim on the spot to make fun of pop lyrics.  We laughed for a half hour. Because love is good? Really…well it’s probably a pretty good reason.

While driving through corn fields at night in Illinois Josh says, “What are all those flashing lights in the field?!” Lightning bugs Josh…Such a city dweller. Needless to say Illinois was a big culture shock for all of us.

But this is my all time favorite…

In the last leg of our voyage Andrew, Josh and Tim started talking about driving around town when they get home and how easy it will seem compared to this. They say, “Yeah, we won’t have to stop halfway to pee or bring a snack or worry about falling asleep in the car.”…Funny, I still have all those things even on a 30 minute drive.

In other news: I miss my mom.  Is that weird?


3 responses

  1. I love the rundown differences between your take on Cornerstone and Andrew’s. You two are great people and you should love each other because love is good….

    Please frame a picture of you singing with your cute belly and put it in Clare’s room. She needs to know.

    Can’t wait to see you guys (maybe even this weekend!)

    ps. Also, Andrew’s idea of driving around without snacks is soon to be over. We take half the kitchen with us to placate our big boy…can you tell someone eats a lot?

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