An Andrewversary

This weekend Andrew and I cashed in our gift certificate to Chart House to celebrate our … well … love. Cause why not?

Last year we did the same thing.  Andrew’s Dad had sent him a note with a wad of cashing saying something to the extent of, “Take that girl out somewhere nice.”

Here we are a year ago - blissfully in love and unaware of what our lives would look like this year.

Here we are a year ago - blissfully in love and unaware of what our lives would look like this year.

We fell in love that night over mahi mahi and coconut shrimp.  I don’t know if that was my father-in-law’s plan but it sure worked.  Only a few days later we were engaged in a whirlwind of a weekend. I still remember that feeling (I suppose because it never left) of everything being right.  It was like my whole being was saying, “This is the right person. Marry him.”

Last year we dressed up for each other – I bought a dress and did my hair and nervously met him at the bottom of the stairs as if we were going to prom together.  This year Andrew got home from work and we changed in the same room, into clothes we had seen each other in and ironed the night before.

Last year we bought everything we could on the menu.  This year I realized how much everything cost.

Last year we both had some delicious wine.  This year I smelled Andrew’s beer.

And here we are now. Hair gone for both a little moonier.

And here we are now. Hair gone for both of a little moonier.

Last year we splurged on the Molten Lava Chocolate Cake. We shared. This year we opted for ice cream and got our own.

Last year we stayed up until 4 AM talking about everything we could think of just to prolong our time together.  This year we walked up the streets of Annapolis holding hands, me teetering alongside Andrew, as we slurped our ice cream and then went home together to climbed into bed at the ripe old hour of 11 and fell asleep side by side.

This is more like it.

This is more like it.

And somehow, though these two events were so different, neither one was better than the other.  Both were full of importance and meaning to both of us.

I was told by the larger majority of people that marriage was difficult – nearly impossible.  I was told to expect hardship.

Maybe I’m lucky, maybe I’m ignorant, maybe naive but I’m happier now than I’ve ever been.  I’m more full (in a lot of ways) than ever before. I wake up every morning thinking, “What fun are we going to have today?” I sit here writing a blog, emailing about shows, mapping out the road trip to Cornerstone and suddenly feel something inside me move and kick and spin – something Andrew and I made together, pieces of us knit together by God’s fingers.

Dream boat

Dream boat

I don’t know what I’m trying to say with all of this other than I’m thankful. I’m thankful for dresses and collared shirts.  I’m thankful for his eyes.  I’m thankful for double chocolate brownie ice cream.  I’m thankful for fish and seafood.  I’m thankful for Flavor Ice. I’m thankful for fights and growing.  I’m thankful for the way he turns over to kiss me after I’ve gone to the bathroom for the 4th time in one night. I’m thankful that after so many years of dessert I have a flood of blessings.

And I’m thankful that a year ago he took me out on a dock with the myst rising from the Severn River and lightning crashing in the distance and he asked me to marry him.


8 responses

  1. (I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels that way about being married)

    post-pee nighttime kissin’ is very reassuring. Sam did that too. only helped me in and out of bed as well. I was a very sorry sight!

    also, I’m super glad God gave you guys a baby. wait till you see him hold her. girl. ain’t no words.

  2. i am bawling like a baby. and i completely agree with you. marriage this first year has been the best, most amazing year of my life. sure, there’s tough stuff. but man…you get to do it all with your best friend! what’s better than that? this was beautiful. and YOU are beautiful 🙂 i love having so many wonderful people in my life that cherish their spouses so dearly. i feel like so many people (sadly enough, especially women in my case. and especially bitter people that are Starbucks customers) are so quick to spout off the bad things of marriage; the ways their spouse hasn’t lived up to their expectations; the way their house doesn’t look as good as they once thought it would; the way they never have any time for themselves. i love, love, love hearing people delight in the joy of marriage and celebrating the person that God has given them!

  3. This was such a sweet post…I agree with you about marriage. I remember after we got married Scott and I would always tell people, married life is great.. it’s better than I thought it would be and I was expecting good things.

    We’re blessed girlie..

    as a side note my 3 yr old came out while i was reading this and saw the pic of you making the fish face, she said, “that is so silly”

    which i thought was funny b/c this was such a beautiful post.

  4. ah Val you made me sob, your beautiful words of love, what is more beautiful than being married to someone you love so much and sharing that middle of the night kiss……you are a treasure.

  5. Amen. You always here about how the first two years of marriage are the hardest. This year my husband and I celebrate our 5 year anniversary, If these years have been the hardest then I can’t even imagine how wonderful my life is going to become. The man has completed and cared for me and way I had not expected but have not been surprised by because its natural and right. I Love being married and I’m go glad I know so many others who do as well as I help a few friends through their divorces. I thank God for you all and your blogs, its wonderful to see what Christ can make a marriage!

  6. Wow…I just read this and it made me want to cry…Gosh it made me remember why I fell in love with my husband. I didn’t really forget but so many other things have been on the forefront of my mind. Life…it’s funny. Thanks Val for sharing your cute, bubbly, funny life with us:)

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