It STAYS in…

I’ve decided to do a more controversial post today.  Well…not really.  I’m just warning you if you’re at all squeamish.

Yesterday my family got together for my little brother Karl’s birthday.  Tons of fun. We had spaghetti, which is always a good choice, and a phenomenal german chocolate cake my mother made.  Mmmmm….

Joey, my nephew, and I made up a new language and I got him in trouble…again.  What can I say? It was REALLY funny. So funny that he had a melt down. 

Everyone had left the party but my dad, my mom, Karl, Andrew and me.  We all had a bad case of the Sunday lethargicness and were therefore sagging comfortably in my parents big yellow couches talking about nothing in particular. 

Lately, I’ve been prone to only speaking about pregnancy and babies…I’m sorry if you’ve been the brunt of this.  But it’s true. No matter what setting I’m in, it tends to come up.  I must say though that it is difficult, when you have a huge lump protruding off the front of you and a human being moving inside you constantly, not to think about it and talk about it…all the time.  

So, the same thing happened last night and I started flappin’ my chops about something totally inappropriate concerning birth and the experience I wanted and the fears I had and so on.

Let me first say that I have a little bit of a refugee complex.  Years ago I worked for the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US. It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed every bit of it…but it left me with a weird obsession.  I have to be able to leave a place at any time.  I carry my passport wherever I go.  I keep entire changes of clothes in different places like my car so that if pressed to leave or flee at any time….I could. And finally I don’t like anything that could inhibit my running at any moment (except flip flops).  I’ve just heard too many horror stories about it.  I’ve known too many people who have had to run at the last minute. 

So…inevitably, and as it always does, the Epidural came up.  I have heard from so many people how amazing this is but I’m having one hurdle and that is it – one thing that I just can’t get over to allow myself the pleasure of having one of these babies administered to me while I push my baby out.450px-Epidural

It Stays in you! And you are numb from the waist down…What if terrorists come to the hospital and Andrew and Clare and I have to get out as quickly as possible?…no way girlfriend….you’ve got no feeling in your legs at all. You have jello for limbs. You’re a sitting duck.  You might as well just bring your a white surrender flag to the hospital in your overnight bag.  Or let’s say there is a fire and none of the elevators are working…do you think those nurses are going to help me down the stairs?! NO sir! They’ll leave me and take my baby.  Sound paranoid? Yeah…I go to meetings for it. (refugees complex anonymous)

Needless to say, Dad, Mom, nor Karl believed that the Epidural stays in your back. They didn’t understand why I was so upset. “Whatever Val…it’s just a shot.” 

Well, my friends, it does stay in

(I’m not in anyway criticizing those who have the bravery to bear the Epidural.  I’m proud of each friend that has had one.  I’m just scared __itless to get one myself.)surpriseIn other news: I’m terribly excited to announce that Rob Levit and I will finally begin recording on our little project (starting in mid June).  We’ve been working on it for more than a year now and I believe it’s the time.  You’ll be able to download it from iTunes but we’re not sure yet that we will release hard copies. You’ll love it.


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  1. Your absolutely right Val. Good news is 1- it can be immediately stopped by turning off the IV 2- pulling out that little bitty cathether in your back (doesn’t hurt) 3- the effects wear off quickly 4- Ever seen Princess Bride? You carry bebe, your darling carries you 🙂

  2. you don’t need that epidural anyway, you have brown hair, remember? 🙂 hey, so I have never read any of these before and feel bad. I guess I will have a lot of catching up to do. Great day for it though!

  3. I had one, but only because you needed to cut me up to get my little one out safely so despite being very sacred of it myself, I didn’t even flinch when they did it. It needed to be done to save my baby, then do it. do it now and lets go. With the second one the c-section was planned because of the risks associated attempting a vaginal delivery post c-section with large child. That one I was really scared of honestly there was no hours of labor before hand no immediate risk or need and I had the entire night before hand wide wake to think about it. But it was fine, just like the first one.

  4. poor dear. everyone is right, and I hope you can try to believe when I say there is really nothing to fear, about epidural or childbirth in general. as you know, I had one with Liam, and I can assure you I felt my legs the entire time, even afterwards. They wanted me to walk to my recovery room, but I still had them wheel me(in my bed), because I thought it was absurd that they wanted me to walk only minutes after I turned myself inside out. so silly.
    anyway, it really helped me get my baby out quickly. once he put it in, I went from 4 to 10 in like 20 minutes. it was great, and it’s true, you don’t feel it. I guess what I want you to remember is that there is nothing to fear. if you don’t need one, great! if you do, you won’t even think about it. it’s like your post about your wedding cake. all the things you think about before, all the expectations, hopes, and preparation: you won’t care about those details at all when you are bringing her forth. all you will remember is what it felt like to love like that.

  5. oh, and they made me watch a video about epidurals when I was preggo. I couldn’t even finish it. the nurses had to pick me off the floor and carry me to the exam room to lay down. yup, I passed out. needless to say, watching the video was much worse than actually having one. (I admit, I got more than queesy just looking at this blog.) so, I totally get what your saying and feel it is a totally reasonable reaction to the procedure. I dreaded it too.

  6. When I was pregnant with my first baby ( Liz), and discussing my “special” birth plan with my OBGYN, she said to me (and I quote)…”The best thing about my labor and delivery was the EPIDURAL.” WELL…, being an impressionable first-time mom-to-be, I quickly took her advice…and 3 babies later…I have no regrets about requesting the EPIDURAL. Trust me, it will be MEMORABLE no matter what you decide! Congrats — I’ll have to tell Liz you are pregnant. Janet Graves

  7. K, Val. I’m all for doing being completely aware of what’s going on. At least, with respect to those who have had an epidural, my understanding is that you aren’t really aware of when the contractions are coming. Anyway, I had no pain meds. I just breathed oxygen between pushing to get more in us, and it was great. Sure, it hurts, but it goes away and I was in control, as much as possible. I knew when the contractions started and stopped and when I was able to push. You can do it!

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