Oh Martha…

I have this love hate relationship with Martha Stewart.  I hate that she bosses little kids around on her show and doesn’t get jokes.  I hate that she embezzled and went to jail and now her industry is blossoming more than ever.

But I love Martha. I love that she is so particular and that she has this incredible staff that comes up with smashing ideas for everyday life. 

So yesterday Andrew and I woke up and for the first Saturday in a long time…we had nothing to do.  So I decided, as I’m sure many people do, to stay in my pjs and sew. Andrew decided on a much more practical occupation – something like changing my brakes.

So there I was, hair strewn like Einstein, wondering what I might sew.  Then it struck me…Martha knows.  She always knows.  Oh how I hate/love her.

Here is the link for my project.  

leftover curtain fabric

leftover curtain fabric



I had some old curtain material from our bathroom.  I also had a ton of bathroom items to store and not a lot of space – being that I’m obsessed with facial products and that Andrew has eczema or that he naturally has no body oil, we have a lot of STUFF in our bathroom. I thought to myself, “Valerie, this is the perfect solution! Maybe I should print out the directions before I start….nah!”

So even though Martha very considerately gives you directions, I didn’t look at them…at all. I kinda winged the pattern myself and decided it looked pretty good unfinished. I cut a ton of white fabric on the bias and stitched it together then I started on my maiden voyage into the unknown.  Would it turn out?  Would I meet a troop of ferocious aliens with pointy ears along the way? Only time would tell.

The finished product.  Not to shabby at all. Sorry for the random crap in the background.

The finished product. Not to shabby at all. Sorry for the random crap in the background.

The next part in the project was the hardest.  I knew I had seen an old pineapple hook inside the baby’s closet so I took one of the many screw drivers lying around and I took the hook off the door MYSELF. Yes, friends. It’s a new day. Handi-Val at your service! I’ll be here all week.

Thank you previous homeowners!

Thank you previous homeowners!


Then, and this is the unbelievable, I screwed the hook into the bathroom wall…BY HAND. Viola! No problem!

All that was left was to hang the marvelous piece of art on the wall…

Empty bag...but what good is that?

Empty bag...but what good is that?

And fill it with our bathroom crap….in a manner of speaking.

The End.

The End.

In other news: I dreamed last night that my dad wanted to buy me a whole new pregnancy wardrobe….oh….”for in sleep, what dreams may come!” Dad, if you’re reading this…you know my number.


7 responses

  1. haha, your project turned out beautifully. i desperately wish i could sew. but alas, i have not been gifted in that area. (or perhaps i’ve never attempted. that sounds more accurate.) also, i really like the fabric you used. when we eventually move to a place where baby gets his own room, i already decided i want striped curtains. and maybe some polka dots, too.

  2. The bag looks great. I am so glad you have embraced your true nature to have a passion for sewing! It is in your blood! Anyway, I feel that it is kinda weird that you had that pineapple hook thing in the baby’s closet. Do you mean, it was just laying in there or you put it there? I mean, that is such a random thing to have around. hahah. Anyway, funny. I am glad you are getting bold with the tools too! It is amazing how many projects are really so simple. Normally I don’t do them because I am lazy and dont’ feel like walkign down the stairs to get the screw driver.

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