Le Veddin Cak!

When I got engaged…I hadn’t really planned on it.  I met Andrew seven years prior in a fever of hormones and ambitions. We had a years of fighting and not speaking to each other and then it happened…it was finally right.  I knew he was for me and I was going to marry him as quickly as possible to make up for lost time. When we started planning we had a couple ideas (philosophically speaking) that we wanted and thought that would be enough to get us through the entire process of planning a wedding.  leveddingcak3

We were wrong as I’m sure many can attest to.  

The one thing that I would like to address in this post is the wedding cake.

I grew up watching Franck Eggelhoffer demand that Annie Banks get the best wedding cake in the 90’s hit Father of the Bride.  She had the BEST! So I kind of though that I had to do the same.  I loved cake and kept trying to get myself to join in the big hubbub and buy a really expensive wedding cake with swiss fondant and butterball filling soaked in peach schnapps but I just could.  

I realized that I am actually George Banks. Not that I’m a male or anything I’m just the person who winces at the word “estimate”.  Cakes are made of flour and water right?  

Well, I can say that in the end I was very proud of my choice of cake. It was a simple white one-teared wedding cake with some rose heads stuck in the top.  I know that doesn’t sound romantic but I’m trying to be realistic here.  That’s what it was.  The best part and I think the part that I am happiest about is that my brother Eric, who has a severe allergy to milk, could eat it.  We bought it from Goldman’s Kosher Bakery in Reisterstown, MD.  It was cheap and easy (in the best sense) and to this day I still have no memory of what it tasted like.

Like I said...flour, water, and some roses on top.

Like I said...flour, water, and some roses on top.

And this is my main point.  In the end, you have one bite and then it’s done. You don’t even taste this thing that everyone has told you was supposed to be perfect and the centerpiece of your wedding.  

Andrew and I have this distinct memory after we returned from our honeymoon where we both sat down and said, “Do you remember what the wedding cake tasted like?”

No. We couldn’t.  No matter how hard we tried. What we remembered was the way it felt to be with each other in such a certain way at last.  What we remembered was the way the people we smiled at us despite the rain and the cold. What we remember and still experience to this day is the joy of being able to love freely and with all our hearts.  

So in the end, we actually ended up with a cake that we loved for the simple reason that it was there and now it’s gone, which must mean we actually got married and that the dream we dreamed actually happened.

The day after your wedding none of it matters other than the fact that at some point it existed.leveddingcak2Does anyone know Franck’s origin?

In other news: The dinner was phenomenal last night.  We made grilled chicken (can’t give you that recipe) with stuffed peppers and rosemary focaccia bread. You should try both recipes.  They are super easy. Trust me I would know.  The best part about it was that I could take out or substitute certain ingredients so that my brother Eric and my Sister-in-law could have it.  Best night ever.

If you’d like you can send me pictures of your wedding cake along with a story I would love to see them. Just email me at valeriebbd@gmail.com


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