No Words

I was going to write a really long and emotional entry about pregnancy…

But I decided on this instead. 

babywb20090601041753u74go5ldknf38qpaibpuhnfv26I laughed out loud.  You have to try This is not spam….it’s humor. 

Excuse me. I’m still laughing. Evidently our child is going to have a black eye and blonde hair.


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  1. Let me say that I will be doing a post on this on my blog soon, very soon. But I gotta share this with you first.

    When we were preggo with our first child Scott’s college roommate spent HOURS blending two pics together, much like this site here will do for you at the click of a mouse. He then made a pic of a baby with a head that looked like the two of ours put together and was so proud and mailed it to us.

    When we saw it we were horrified. What if our baby looks like that? We hit it instantly and never mentioned it again. His roommate called a few weeks later all proud and excited, did you get my card?

    awkward conversation follows…

    months later our son was born, I vividly remember looking at Scott that night as we held our son and saying with such relief, “He’s cute… I am so glad he is cute!”

    Ah the terror!!

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