“I gotta go!”

t33667tk0gbDoes anyone remember this movie?  It was one of my favorites as a kid…well…one of my dad’s favorites meaning we subsequently watched it when he was in the mood.  (same with that eternal tale – Old Yeller) With four men in the house and a dog who couldn’t really voice her opinion about movies, my mom and I often had to sneak peaks at Cinderella during little league season.  

Needless to say, The Apple Dumpling Gang was one that made the whole family happy…that is until Eric became a teenager, which seemed to happen faster than was just.  

I realized this morning, while trying to make it another few minutes before venturing to the porcelain throne, that pregnancy is a lot like this movie.  It’s like being a bandit burdened with some kid who has to pee all the time and falls asleep when you need to get moving.  And your face looks like Don Knots all the time.  🙂

In other news: I’ve been having repeated dreams (and by dreams I mean nightmares) about being back in school but having not gone to any classes all semester.  Last night I had a break through.  Halfway through the dream my conscious self to my sleeping self that I had already been told college and graduated and had a full class load every semester.  We’ll see what happens tonight.


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